This lockdown has put me in a very awkward place in life… and yes, there’s so much more to worry about in this world than my little awkward quarter life crisis. I need to figure out how to change my life. The fact is I can’t change or impact anyone else’s life (which is what i want to do)unless I change my own. So yes! I'm going to vent about my quarter life crisis and this is just part 1! If this blog resonates with you, than do your thing and message me or give me a few tips and what not. Big heads up, I’m not an English major or really took up writing seriously…this whole blog really ain’t that serious. Just a woman from the Bronx venting to the WORLD. periodt.

Funny how i’m a quarter century old during a pandemic(really nothing funny about it). I use to think it was ridiculous when people would round up their age. BUT! the fact is, the older you get, the faster time flies by. So, yes im 30! But in all seriousness. I personally feel like its the time to really start getting serious about life and to let go of any toxic or negative energy in my life. When I say let go… I mean LET GO by any means. Letting go is so freaking hard! I’ll list just a few toxic traits and habits of mine,

Smoking Marijuana- I had to be honest with myself and give it up. Even sativa strain be having me out here looking dumb!

Drinking- I only drink occasionally, however I’m so traumatized by all my damn hangovers that I gag even if I taste liquor (unless it’s wine…but even that has a limit) hangover queen over here. Plus I’m too broke to be paying for my toxic habits.

Social Media- I should make a YouTube and upload a story time about a guy having a whole fit, cause he thought I was lying about not having Instagram…its really a shock now in days… its so toxic and fake to me. Its so easy to lose your true self when basically the whole world is trying to be like these social media gurus. Most cant comprehend that a lot of these influencers are probably just like you. There’s nothing special about them. AND STOP LOOKING UP TO PEOPLE! WORRY ABOUT YOURSELF!FOCUS ON YOURSELF. Then watch your life be better without all that extra attention from people that truly don't care about you. See if you can delete social media for a week and let me know how that goes… how much more time did you have in your day? were you more productive ? did you interact more? did you notice how beautiful nature is and your community? did you feel some type of peace? I’m going to make a whole other blog about social media…cause that's my biggest toxic partner.

Realtionship- It was Traumatizing. Periodt(talk about it in another post)

Pro-freaking-crasination- This right here is my biggest battle

I can go on with list of toxic traits and habits that I have and I’m working on them! When you really dig deep and go into that rabbit hole, anything that is toxic or negative for you is most likely feeding you ego. Your ego can be your biggest enemy and you wont even know it. You can have someone pointing a gun at your head and YOUR EGO can be the reason the person pulls the trigger. So its good to be very mindful and stop to think if your ego is dominating you or is it YOU. we’ll get deep into this in another post. So with all that being said, I’ve realized I need to have more control over my ego.

This is just for fun, more like a journal for the world to see. I hope someone took something from this. If not… welp, I don't care and I'm going to keep blogging. By the way this is just lick, kept it cute and short. Hit me up with any suggestions, tips, comments and what not.

Welcome to my personal blog! join me on my beautiful spiritual journey, while I figure out how to conquer my quarter life crisis and the ending of the world.